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Shaving Tips Every Man Should Know About


Shaving has procedures no matter how simple it might seem to be. When you do it the wrong way, you will surely have yourself to blame as you nurse ingrown hair, nicks and cuts accompanied by razor burns. Some choose to go to the barber when the going gets tough while others do it from the comfort of their bathrooms. A man's face cannot be compared to a woman's face because men have thicker skin and more facial hair. There are a number of shaving tips that every man should have at their finger tips.


Ensure That Your Beard is Thoroughly Wet


Ensuring that your beard is wet will lead to a stress free shave without razor burns. The reason as to wet your beard is to moisturize the hair and cause it to swell and become weaker for easier shave. To achieve this you should consider showering before you shave to ensure proper moistening of your beard. It is advised that you use a warm moistened towel on your face for some minutes if showering is not possible at the moment. This is a tip from the barbers.


Use of Quality Shaving Cream


There are a number of shaving creams in stores. Pick one when you go shopping. One that is of your preference. It is beneficial to choose the ones with high concentration of lubricants like silicone and moisturizers. The best shaving creams will give desired results. When you go for cheaper creams, you should be prepared for skin irritation. An important tip is to leave the shaving cream on your face for few minutes before shaving begins. This softens and wets the beard for smooth shaving.


Use a Shaving Brush


In order to achieve the desired shave, make the shaving brush your 'best friend'. The significance of a shaving brush is that it helps raise the hair to achieve a closer cut. It works hand in hand with the cream to create a creamy lather that stays close to the skin. It is responsible for the removal of dead skin cells which makes the skin look smooth and healthy.


Use a Quality Razor


You need to use quality and very sharp razor. Remember you not only cut hair when shaving but also scrap off two layers of surface skin. When you use a dull razor blade you risk developing razor burns and shaving rush.